My Mother Nature

I truly believe in perfect timing. This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Nature and it has been timely. It’s given me the opportunity to reflect on the ways nature has helped my mental health over the years and I’ll be honest, it has been emotional. Not least, because I have such good memories.

Nature has always been my safe place

During times of distress, nature has always been the non-judgmental place where I’ve received unconditional love, acceptance and soothing. When I’ve felt alone or vulnerable, it’s wrapped me up in peace and safety. Nature creates a swell inside of me, connecting me to a feeling of home.

Nature has soothed my suicidal thoughts

When the strong desire raises up in me to leave this life and return home to the Spirit, Nature reminds me that home is right here with me. While the world fights and exudes pain and fear, nature comforts me with harmony, alignment and strength. I’m always in awe at how nature respects its parts and works together perfectly.

Nature teaches me the wisdom to have peace in this world

I have learned my greatest lessons and gained the deepest understanding from Nature. She has been the best teacher and because of her, I no longer believe that I’m crazy. Instead, I embrace my ability to see beyond what can be seen and own it with confidence.

Nature is the Mother I spent my life searching for

And I’m blessed to have her

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