Raise Awareness. Inspire Hope. Support Change

The Fat.Ugly Blog aims to be the number one resource of choice for Binge Eating Disorder in the UK.

Committed to helping others recover from this eating disorder and take their life back, we are here to:

Raise Awareness

You can’t heal what you don’t know about and you can’t help what you don’t understand. We want to bring Binge Eating Disorder from the darkness to the light.

Inspire Hope

Recovery is possible – for all. We want to let people know and show them how.

Support Change

Together we can achieve more than apart. We want to work as a community and create the change needed to free people from this mental illness.


Through collaboration, creativity and courage, we work towards a vision where BED is clearly understood and effectively treated so recovery can be achieved by those who need it.

Diagnosed and Undiagnosed; Carers and Loved Ones; Healthcare Professionals; Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals; EDI Professionals and Ambassadors; Researchers and Educators … anyone who cares … you are welcome here.

Freedom is the goal and we invite you to join us, support us and grow with us. Join our mailing list below.

We are The Fat.Ugly Blog.