My name’s Anny and I’m just over here creating a space where Binge Eating Disorder (BED) can be spoken about without fear, judgment or shame.

I was diagnosed with BED in February 2020 at the age of thirty-seven and had treatment with the Outpatient Eating Disorders Service at South London and Maudsley Hospital. I’ve been in recovery since November 2020 and started The Fat.Ugly Blog at the end of 2020 to keep myself accountable; I wanted to make sure I set aside time to regularly reflect on my recovery and how I was feeling.

Wondering why I called it The Fat.Ugly Blog?

The short answer is that for most of my life, I used the words ‘Fat and Ugly’ to mask my real feelings and needs. It was easier to feel fat and ugly than feel the intense overwhelming emotions I didn’t believe I was equipped to manage. This blog and my recovery has meant understanding that BED is about more than weight, food and appearance – so whenever I hear the words ‘Fat and Ugly’ I’m reminded to stop and ask myself: “What are you really feeling, Anny?”

As an Author, I like to redefine words too. I find it interesting to turn heavy, negative baggage into power, so transforming the words Fat and Ugly from it’s degrading, self-loathing context in to a gentle nudge that encourages us to courageously dig deeper, Fat.Ugly becomes a support in the recovery process, just like this blog!

You’ll find the longer answer here

I’m now on a mission to help others recover from BED and take their life back.

I believe recovery is possible for everyone and by creating a safe space and united community, we can Raise Awareness, Inspire Hope and Support the Change needed to free others from this mental illness. Imagine more people out in the world, free, living their dreams and enjoying life to the fullest. What a great picture that would be!

If that’s something you’d like to see too, then pop your details in the box below to join the mission, community and stay updated. I’ll also send you a copy of the Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Guide – my top ten takeaways from the treatment programme I went through.

You’ll find me on Instagram and Facebook – look forward to meeting you there!

Much love xx

These are some of my specific areas of interest:

Weight loss and Binge Eating Disorder Recovery

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Eating Disorder space

Dance and Body Image

Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace

Engaging in research