Laughter is Medicine for the Heart

I repeated the scene three times. On cue, I released a laugh that came from the depths of my soul. That’s what they call a belly laugh, I thought to myself. That’s medicine for my heart. Olaf’s one liner, followed by him laughing at his own ridiculousness, hit the spot. I observed myself as I connected with this animated snowman in mutual hilarity. I looked happy, light and free. I resisted the urge to scroll back 15 seconds for a fourth time, but I had a huge smile on my face – it felt good to be alive in this happy moment.

I’d chosen a Friday night-in to watch Frozen 2, instead of accepting an invitation to go to a birthday party, and I have to admit, I was pleased with my decision. My week had been wonderful and I couldn’t think of anything better to finish it off than staying home, eating the brown stewed chicken, oven-roasted potatoes and salad that I’d made, *cooking miracles do happen*, enjoying a warm shower and ending the night watching a Disney movie.

Being on my own, was a gift I chose to give myself.

I’m encouraged to know that socialising with people isn’t a requirement of happiness. Neither does being alone automatically equal lonely. Sometimes self-care is saying, I want to be with me tonight. Doing nice things for myself is not always driven by a desire to escape crippling thoughts and emotions, sometimes it’s because I enjoy stepping outside of my own head to witness the sparkle of delight in my eyes.

Takeaway: Self-care can be used to soothe during moments when I feel like I’m drowning, but can also enhance the joy in my heart when things are going well. I must remember that.

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