A round up of my takeaways (not the food kind!)

I’d always resisted blogging.

I write when I’ve got something to say, so forcing myself to consistently write a weekly post didn’t seem to fit my personality or writing preference.

That same reason for refusing to do it before, was exactly the reason I knew I needed to start this blog about my recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.

I knew that when my therapy ended, I’d be tempted to drift and not dedicate the same time and effort to reflect, as I had been doing throughout my treatment. I needed something to keep myself accountable and make sure that I continued to carve out the time in my week to reflect, and note how I was feeling, what was going on for me, and what I could learn and takeaway from it – an essential part of my recovery.

My first post was on January 20, and today, the last post before celebrating six months binge and restriction free, I thought it’d be a great idea to reflect on past takeaways (not the food kind!). So here they are:

  • There’s more to food than calories, there are moments that create life and I am committed to living those moments and creating a life that brings me joy and makes me smile.
  • Looking after myself may feel strange, but the more I practice doing it, even when it’s uncomfortable, the more it will become normal.
  • Self-care can be used to soothe during moments when I feel like I’m drowning, but can also enhance the joy in my heart when things are going well. I must remember that.
  • There is so much more to this road than weight loss. That doesn’t mean I have to ignore the desire to lose weight, but I must ensure that I am celebrating my achievements in other areas of recovery too.
  • I exist even when others don’t see me. My experience is valid and my voice is important, for me and for those who can’t speak up.
  • Surrounding myself with people who love and accept me and my body just as we are, will do wonders for my body image and self esteem
  • This is me. This is my life. This is my opportunity to boldly express the wonder that I Am – without apology! And allow others to do the same.
  • My mental health is my priority. Only then will I be able to continue helping others.
  • Feeling overwhelming emotions doesn’t mean that I’m not recovered from BED, it’s a sign that I’ve developed the strength to feel my emotions, rather than turn to BED as a way to cope or numb them.
  • When I don’t have the strength to encourage myself, it’s ok to seek it elsewhere.

This weekend, 1st – 2nd May, I’ll be celebrating my six months of freedom. I’ll be posting on Instagram and Facebook, so if you’re not connected on any of those platforms yet, now’s the perfect time!

Love and hugs!!

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