Wow! 170% more people using the Beat Helpline services since the pandemic started

Did you know that demand for Beat’s Helpline services has soared by a staggering 170% since the pandemic began?

I mean, it’s not surprising is it? Not only did lockdown and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic have a significant impact on mental health in general, but it felt like the online health and fitness industry exploded too. Everywhere I turned there was someone oversharing their journey to a supreme body transformation.

I must raise my hand and confess that on April 12, 2020, I restarted my own health journey and might have posted one or twenty posts of my own *palm slapping my forehead*. My therapy treatment programme had been postponed until… I didn’t know when, and I was starting to binge again. I needed to get it together and what do you do when it’s an emergency situation? You revert to what you know works. I fasted for five days – consuming nothing except water. Yes, I lost weight and after those five days, I was satisfied with just fruit, veggies and salad for 12 weeks… but I’m sure you can imagine what happened after that.

So, I understand why so many more people felt they needed to reach out to the Beat helpline for support. Perhaps if I’d been aware of the Helpline, it might have helped me to make different decisions, but here we are.

I can’t lie, that 170% figure hit me between the eyes and was an important reminder of why it’s so important to support the work that Beat does and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

If you’re wondering how Beat responded to the demand, they:

  • Extended opening hours
  • Introduced new support services
  • Added additional online support groups

And if you’re wondering how you can help?

  • Make a note of the Helpline details so that you can share it with anyone you come across who might need it
  • Share the helpline number and opening hours more generally e.g. social media, workplace.
  • Check out the Beat website so you know what support is available
  • Donate through the Beat website – donations keep the Helpline open
  • Continue to raise awareness of Eating Disorders and Beat among your social and professional groups  

If we all do what we can, it will save lives.

What’re the details for Beat’s Helpline?

For advice and support, Beat Helpline: 0808 801 0677

Helplines are open 365 days a year from 9am-8pm during the week, and 4pm-8pm on weekends and bank holidays.

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