Kicking off Year Two with Good News

After sharing my story with Denzel @mymentalhealth_uk for his #TalkwithDenz series on Instagram, I received a DM from a Medical Doctor who had seen the video. After some conversations, I was encouraged to consider contributing to the Adult Eating Disorders Programme as a Lived Experience Practitioner (LXP) with Healthy London Partnership.

I went through the application and interview process and was pleased to be selected to join HLP. I now look forward to using my lived experience of BED to support development and change that will help others in ways that go beyond raising awareness. I’m also excited to be part of the work to make London the healthiest global city.

I’ll be sharing more about the LXP role, the experience and my motivation as I go, but for now, I’m celebrating this good news – it’s been a great start to year two of my recovery!

Remember, nothing about your life experience is a waste! 🙂

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